Welcome to PriceChooser!

Our platform when it launches will allow you to choose the price YOU’RE willing to pay for any product you love.

We at PriceChooser have decided to start with PC GAMES and expand from there with music, subscriptions, movies, and anything that comes our way!

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How does it work?

A campaign will start and usually last between 2 to 3 weeks. In those weeks you have the choice to pay any price between $3-$10 for a game (as an example). As the campaign runs, it will give you LIVE updates on how many people have bought the game and what the price is now. DON’T YOU WORRY! If you were willing to pay $5, but the price has dropped to $3 when the campaign ends, we will ONLY charge you the $3. When the campaign ends if the price has dropped to your set price you will receive the game or product!