Thanks to the Jobs Act in the US many crowdfunding websites have popped up over the years and it’s hard to keep track of them all. Here’s a list of all the crowdfunding platforms that I could find. Feel free to comment ones you find below and I’ll add them to the list.


Kickstarter is one of the largest and most well known crowdfunding websites. Kickstarter takes a 5% commission on all funds traveling through the site.

Indie Go Go

Indie Go Go is probably right behind Kickstarter in terms of the amount of backers each month and projects funded. Indie Go Go has some differences to Kickstarter, but all in all they are very similar.


Go Fund Me is where you go if you are looking to raise money for a cause or from some friends. The fees are low and they offer a plan where you can keep all the money even if your goals aren’t reached.

Angel List

Angel List is a place built for startups. Think linked in but for startups and with less random messaging from recruiters. Angel List even offers investors a diversified plan where they will diversify your investment into lots of different types of startups in different industries.

Crowd Rise

In their own words “CrowdRise is the world’s #1 fundraising site for charitable and personal causes. Raise money for friends who need help, marathons and events, and over 1.5 million charities.”


Fundable promises to help you raise money for your next small business or startup. They offer equity crowd funding investments into small, new, up and coming companies.

Seed Invest

SeedInvest is a platform that enables equity-based crowdfunding by accredited investors in startups. Crowdfunding campaigns must reach their funding goal to receive any funds and Companies should expect to take a minimum of 60 – 90 days to complete their funding goals.

Crowd Cube

Crowd Cube offers equity investments. If the goal amount isn’t raised then the companies don’t receive any funds.

Our Crowd

Our Crowd is a crowdfunding website that offers a plan similar to Angel List where they will diversify your investments across all the companies raising money on the platform.


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