The success of pokemon go and super mario run on iOS have proved how some of Nintendo’s intellectual property can be repurposed to increase revenues, but what would happen if Nintendo applied this same technique to all their old games. I’m proposing a monthly online video game service similar to Netflix, but for video games.

Just as an overview this is what the original post on Reddit basically said. This is in more of a long form skip to the big question at the end.

Use the old games and not the new

Nintendo should not put their newest IP into the subscription service instead Nintendo should repurpose all of the games from their old systems such as the SNES or the N64.

Use the old gameboy IP for mobile platforms

The old gameboy games and gameboy color games could be repurposed for use as a pay by the month service on platforms such as the iPhone or Android phones.

Use the old consoles to sell new consoles

The content from the SNES and N64 and Gamecube could then be repurposed as a monthly service on Nintendo’s new consoles like the Nintendo Switch. This would one increase the profit margin for Nintendo and it would help sell many more consoles.

Don’t even need to license many games

Nintendo in the old days and still does make a lot of the most popular games on their consoles so they wouldn’t even need to go through licensing hell with all the old games.

How much money does Nintendo stand to make?

Assuming that Nintendo would probably offer bundles for different games so only getting games from N64 would be cheaper than getting games from N64 and SNES and Gamecube. For some quick math lets just assume Nintendo would charge on average $8 per month for a subscription. Then for some more quick math the Wii sold just over 100 million units. If Nintendo converts just 5% of their current user base on the platform who already own the system Nintendo stands to make 40 million dollars month or

480 million in revenue a year.

Thats a lot of cash and think of all the great games and systems Nintendo could make with that much more in revenue.


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