The two most popular ways of monetizing a Twitch channel are obviously the official Twitch methods such as subscribers and donations through Twitch, but there are also some more creative ways of monetizing a Twitch channel.


Patreon is a way to give your most passionate fans a subscription to help support your channel. The best way to run a Patreon for your channel is to add some behind the scenes and extra content for Patreon subscribers and donors.

Game Wisp

Game Wisp is similar to Patreon, but is directly for video game streamers especially those on Twitch. Game Wisp offers your fan base various levels of subscriptions that you can then offer higher tiers of unlock able extra content for each subscription type.

Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate Advertising has been promoted has the holy grail by some bloggers for monetizing content and i’m sure the same goes for Twitch streamers since many popular streamers have affiliate links in their channel. There are many platforms that offer affiliate programs targeted towards the video game niche and other niches. Most don’t pay a very high commission to affiliates though.

Price Chooser Affiliate Program

Price Chooser is working with select streamers and content creators on our own affiliate program. Most of our affiliate partners are getting a 10% commission on all sales they drive to our platform when we launch. We offer pay what you want pricing on digital goods such as movies, music, video games. We are launching with mostly video game products.

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